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Para quem tinha dúvidas quanto à interferência estrangeira na homologação da reserva indígena Raposa da Serra do Sol em terras contínuas, segue, em inglês, a cópia de um comunicado da Rainforest Foudation a seus leitores ativistas, pedindo que escrevam para autoridades brasileiras (presidente Lula, Tarso Genro, Paulo de Tarso Vannuchi, Celso Amorim, Mércio Meira (FUNAI)) requisitando que a operação de retirada de não-índios da reserva seja acelerada. Aos seus leitores, a RF sugere que obtenham mais informações sobre a situação em Roraima através do site do Conselho Indígena de Roraima. Uma série de mentiras e de deturpações são propaladas, aos quatro cantos do mundo a respeito do que está acontecendo em Roraima, através do site da fundação, que têm representantes andando livres, leves e soltos pelo Brasil. Quem está preso é o fazendeiro roraimense que produz comida e cria empregos para os brasileiros, de todas as cores de pele.

URGENT: Tension Erupts in Raposa Serra do Sol as Police Begin Removing Illegal Settlers


Since April 15, 2005, when Raposa Serra do Sol (RSS) was ratified, indigenous communities have been waiting for the government to remove non-indigenous occupants, chief among them a small handful of powerful and politically-connected rice growers. On March 26, 2008 - nearly three years after the ratification - the government officially announced the start of a removal operation. Federal Police have arrived, and have vowed to complete the operation - the main demand of indigenous peoples in the area. The rice growers, however, have long threatened violent opposition, and are now putting their threats into practice.

Over the past week, the rice-growers and their allies have burned or dynamited a number of bridges; thrown home-made bombs at a community center, injuring an indigenous leader; invaded a school; blockaded roads; held people hostage; and encouraged homeless residents from the state capital to join the protests, in exchange for the promise of a piece of land in RSS. These actions are in large part spurred by Paulo Cesar Quartiero, a rice grower and local mayor, and Marcio Junqueira, a Roraima state politician, some of the most virulent opponents of RSS. They have threatened that "blood will flow," and the communities fear the worst.

While we are pleased that the removal of the rice growers is finally taking place, and commend the Brazilian government for fulfilling its mandate in doing so, we are concerned about the attacks on indigenous communities by the rice growers and their allies. We are also worried that the opponents of RSS will make use of the current climate of violence and instability to push the federal government to suspend the operations. We therefore call on the Brazilian government to fulfill, immediately, its commitment to removing the rice growers and other non-indigenous occupants from RSS by continuing with the removal process and taking all necessary measures to protect not only the federal officials on the ground, but also the indigenous communities. To this end, we have notified the UN and the OAS about the current situation and have asked them to continue their monitoring of the situation.

Please take a moment to send an email supporting the removal operation to:

Exmo Sr. Luis Inácio Lula da Silva

President of Brazil

E-mail: pr@planalto.gov.br

E-mail: protocolo@planalto.gov.br

Exmo Sr. Tarso Genro

Minister of Justice

E-mail: gabinetemj@mj.gov.br

Exmo Sr. Paulo de Tarso Vannuchi

Secretary for Human Rights

E-mail: direitoshumanos@sedh.gov.br

Exmo Sr. Celso Amorim

Minister of Foreign Relations

E-mail: celsoamorim@mre.gov.br

Exmo Sr. Mércio Meira

President of FUNAI


Please CC: circom @ terra.com.br and/or action @ rffny.org

Model Letter

Highlight the text below and copy into the body of your email:

We were pleased to learn that the removal of non-indigenous settlers from Raposa Serra do Sol has been announced. With this action, the Federal Government will take a firm step in the direction of guaranteeing the rights of indigenous peoples who have been waiting over 30 years for their lands to be recognized, and who will finally be able to enjoy their rights as guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution.

We are concerned with recent news coming from Raposa Serra do Sol, however. A small group of six rice growers have used guerilla tactics, inciting members of the local population to blockade roads, burn bridges, throw home-made bombs, threaten members of the press, and in general create a climate of unrest, seeking to impede completion of the removal operation.

The removal of all non-indigenous occupants from RSS will bring peace, justice, and dignity back to the communities. Resistance to the removal is spearheaded by a small group acting in their own political and economic interests. These actions are a violation of the rule of law, and pose a clear threat to indigenous communities in RSS.

We hail the Brazilian government for initiating the removal operation, and are writing today to request that you do your utmost to see the operation completed immediately, taking all the necessary measures to protect the indigenous communities on the ground.

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